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UEG Mobile is a leading company in providing mobile software solutions, supported by the latest smartphones and intelligent devices such as tablet PC�s. UEG mobile offers applications on every area, from entertainment to specialized business development.

Our company

We are a brand new Spanish company which considers the latest devices as an uprising source to provide business solutions. We develop avant-garde apps which help your company to optimize processes. We also co-develop innovating projects to push your way through an each time more global mobile business.


We offer a wide range of services. We will consider your needs and bring you back the solutions which more adequately fit them. Share your ideas with an experienced team which knows plenty of ways to modernize your business. We will develop your solution and will accompany you for a successful release. Más info

Sobre nosotros

Con oficinas en Sevilla y Madrid, UEG Mobile ofrece servicios profesionales a clientes en toda España así como en diversos países de Latinoamérica, Europa y Asia.

UEG Mobile apuesta por proyectos de innovación y emprendimiento en distintas areas de negocio, tanto con startups, como con empresas consolidadas que requieren nuevas soluciones tecnologicas para abordar sus procesos.

UEG Mobile ha sido seleccionado para formar parte del proyecto europeo FIWARE Accelerate Program
UEG Mobile SL
Head Office: Torneo Parque Empresarial. Edificio Vilamar I. Modulo 19-21, 41015. Sevilla. España.
Office: Calle Eloy Gonzalo 27. 28010. Madrid. España.
E-mail: info@uegmobile.com Phone: +34 954 223 859
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